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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
Looks about like the Texas bowl game. If I were you, I'd worry more about what goes on in the middle of your track and less about Mizzou bowl attendance.

Our team beat more BCS schools in that pic as your team did all season. How many BCS teams have ever finished two seasons with 7 straight losses twice? Just Kansas, and that's just in the last 3 seasons. You have as many losses to D2 schools in the last two years as you do conference wins.

Fix your joke of a team, and then you can worry about the attendance at our eighth straight bowl game next year.
Who's worried?

I'm sure not. I just thought it was funny to see the complete lack of interest in this college football powerhouse known as mizzou.

I knew the attendance was bad but I didn't know it was this bad.

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