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Charlie Sheen~ july 4. not winning anymore.

Bobby Moynihan~ March 12, I like the odds of a SNL cast member being a gonner.

John Daly~ too much boose & goes out for a round of golf in a thunderstorm gets struck by lightning...

(on a side note~if John Goodman were still alive he would have won an oscar award for best actor if he got to play as John Daly in a movie roll playing as John Daly) sad.

O.J. Simpson~ April 8

John Madden~ The bust at the HOF just have enough of Johns big mouth & an "accident" occurs tipping over his statue & at that time John Madden dies 1:13am May 1.

Scott Hall~ He is my favorite wrastler, but I just don't see him making it through the year... june 15.

Ross Perot~ he is old had his time playing politics & buying votes time to die old man aug. 17

Rick Flair~ My least favorite wrastler falls over dead in the ring (pay per view event)~ Whoooo

Brad Garrett~Bumbling doof trips & cracks his head. sept 26

Alec Baldwin~ Takes Q from Charlie Sheen and not winning any more. july 5.
I just want somebody to grade my picks. Anybody?
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