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This is your contest and you're supplying the prizes so I guess you can do what you want, but IMO you should really set the rules before the deadline for getting the first round of picks in and then we should all live by them for the duration of the game. I think it's a bad idea to suggest that we can hash out the rules at some distant point in the future after the game has already begun and points have already started to roll in. Obviously, the people in the lead are going to oppose changes that make it easier for others to catch them and equally obviously, the people behind will want the opposite.

Don't worry about whether we like your rules. Stand tall and tell us how it will be whether we all like it or not.

On that note, we should have a rule that a person doesn't count if a player actually murders them. If I'm 8 points behind in December and Zsa Zsa is still in the that hospital bed, I shouldn't be able to go in there with a pillow and win that Chiefs jacket.
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