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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
The problem with that is that you can always start over. There is no hard choice if you can just start a new character.

All they've done is take the TEDIUM out of it.
The Tedium is the price you pay for having a good character. When you spend XX hours grinding a character up to level XX only to find out that your skill choices aren't good enough to survive in Hell level, you pay a price for your mistake. This price invests people in their characters. Starting a new character is no small thing.

In DIII, you just reset you stuff and ask some high level where he put his stats and boom ... your elite. Even a freaking monkey can have a great character.

ex.) If you have a level 99 Hammerdin Pally and want a Templar ... just reset and you have a max level Templar. No need to level up more than one character of each type when you can just switch everything around. It will cost Blizzard replayability in the long run.

Not to mention that apparently in DIII the number of skills are cut and i don't even know if they have (m)any synergies. I guess you can switch around skill gems or something.

Blizzard has switched the game from character building to equipment finding to have a good character. Conveniently they will now have a real money auction/trade house for people to buy good equipment.

why have people work/earn building good characters when they can just buy one from Blizzard.
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