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I understand it's a thankless job. And over the years I hope I haven't caused too much trouble for the mods. In the past I've had a couple of threads where SHT and I exchanged words and he tried to get personal, saying things about the wife and kids that were pretty low. But in the end, they were just words. I hit him below the belt also, but I think it killed him personally. I feel sort of bad about that.

However, last week, despite the dustup with Fraz, I thought Hootie had really showed some maturity and was actually pretty funny during the Broncos game thread.

I'm not aware of Hootie's history with the mods and if he never comes back it won't mean dick to me in the long run. We all suffered through the formative years of Clay and today he's quite a character. Perhaps we were witnessing the metamorphosis of Hootie?

Lastly, I can't remember the antagonist in the "Dane Leaving" thread but IMO that was a perfect time to lay that particular poster out. There are limits, and calling or accusing somebody of being a "Sandusky" is pretty shitty thing.

I hope you guys reconsider the Hootie ban.
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