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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
What does that have to do with anything? He's doing nothing but picking fights. It's not like he's Fax or Rainman. He's the most confrontational poster on this site, and the tournament is akin to a twelve year old girl trying to stir shit. Does it really belong on a Chiefs message board?

Hootie pisses people off, but he adds a lot of good football takes. Frazod doesnt come here to discuss football. He comes here to be a prick and cause drama, and he's good at it.
Yeah, 75,000 posts, and I never talk about football. That's right.

It's like this, Saul. There are people here who view this place as a community. People who know each other in real life and consider each other friends. People who are upfront and honest about who and what they are. The kind of people you enjoy tailgating with, or having a beer in a bar with. We know this because we've done it.

Then there are turds like you. Anonymous cowardly ****s who are TRULY here just to piss other people off, who for whatever reason want no part of the real people on the other side of the screen. They hide behind the secrecy of the internet, run their cybermouths, and then try to make themselves out as victims when somebody turns the tables on them.

People don't like you, Saul. You're a hateful, sniping, pompous ass. And I am here to be a prick - to people like you. As a major douche, I'm sure you don't like the douche poll. Can't imagine why. There's nothing I can do to rig those polls, and everything in them is above board and condoned/approved by the moderators. If you really want to know why you're leading in your region right now, the answer can be found in the nearest mirror.
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