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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
I also disagree with this 5-6 year window thing people keep mentioning. The rich get richer in baseball, but "rich" isn't always about money. If we can pick out the right players to sign long term while dealing other veterans for prospects, there is no reason that we can't keep plugging in talent to replace talent.

The Grienke trade looks like it made us a better team in the long run. If we can make similar moves like that when we have enough talent in the majors to compete, I like our long term prospects.
This. Even with all of the talent that has come up we still have a too 10 system in the minors. Once current guys move on we will have players like Starling, Cuthbert, Myers, etc. to replace them. We have a better outfield than Detroit and I expect our infield to improve enough by next season to at least be competitve with Detroit. The issue then comes down to pitching. It will be hard to get somebody comparable to Verlander, but I am not impressed with the pitchers after him. If we can have better pitching 2-5 and in the bullpen we will have the advantage IMO.
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