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Originally posted by gochiefs
I think I just figured it out.

I know why I didn't go to the party.

There were girls there.
Wrong. You didn't go because of YOU and your insecurities. Don't scapegoat the ladies. The sooner you stop lying to yourself, the sooner you "recover" from your anti-social behavior. Why don't you make a concious decision to bust down the door? Once you do that, everything else will be downhill.

When you go back to work, ask the lady how the party turned out. Explain how you wanted and even planned to go, but you felt shy (not because of her or women in general - that will scare her off). She might think that's sweet and make you a project. One thing leads to another.

The important thing is to acknowledge your absence, don't make excuses, be interested, and communicate with her. This could be a perfect opportunity.
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