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Hanging out in the kitchen is GREAT advice.

I'm gonna take it one step further:

I would surmise that less than 20% of women like beer. Many of them drink it in their youth for lack of a viable alternative. If you learn how to make chick drinks (and even provide ingredients), you'll become well known with the ladies. This is a GREAT way to meet women and become well liked.

I'm going to treat you to my own margarita secret recipe.
3 parts mix (any will do, I don't prefer any one over another)
2 part tequilla (More expensive is better, but again, any will do - my preference is Patron $$$)
1 part orange liqueur (Grand Marnier is my preference, but Contreau or comporable will suffice)
splash (1/2 part) lime juice
2-3 parts of the secret ingredient....

7-up, Sprite, Mountain Dew - any of those will work. If that's not handy, water will work. Essentially, EVERY mix is a tad too strong. Water or 7-up dillutes it just enough....

Pour over crushed ice, shake until frothy, serve.

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