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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
That would be interesting. If Clemson wants in the Big XII, they will be in the Big XII as long as they can get away from the ACC. Didn't they just sign some 20 year agreement, though?

If the ACC starts fracturing, UNC and VA Tech could round out the SEC. UNC doesn't want to move without Duke, and the SEC isn't going to accept Duke, but UNC might be willing to jump if the alternative is watching the ACC turn into the Big East.

I love this shit, especially now that Mizzou has the best seat in the house. It's great theater.
I don't see the ACC falling apart. Does one or two teams leave because they don't like the basketball direction? Maybe? But there are just too many name teams to break the whole thing up.

16 teams is just too many in one conference. It's been that way from the beginning.

I like 12 personally. But don't like the idea of Florida St. or Clemson mostly because of regional ridiculousness.
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