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2/2 Update: Chadiha is on 810 again this morning. He told a story he heard recently about Pioli. Keep in mind that this story occurs after Pioli was already here in KC.

Apparently Pioli was in a meeting room and a tv on in the background was running a story on the Patriots and the 'Patriot Way'. I guess the tv report went on and on about Tom Brady and Bill Belichek. There was no mention of Pioli. Chadiha said he was told that Pioli got so infuriated that he was not mentioned that he got up, grabbed something off the table and threw it at the wall. He yelled 'I helped build that thing!'

So a grown man who is supposed to be leading OUR organization throwing tantrums.... These Chadiha interviews are very insightful, but so depressing.
That's the same exact thing that Paulie Walnuts would have done.

Coincidence? I leave that for you to decide.

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