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Originally Posted by DaWolf View Post
I'm not sure how insightful they are. They are certainly entertaining stories, but they stink of people who have an axe to grind with Pioli or who are trying to smear the guy at this point. I mean seriously, a new Pioli sucks story every week? It's reaching a point where I am starting to think some ex-front office folk or ex-scouts that Pioli axed are just badmouthing the guy. If the guy was that egotistical or starved for attention and accolades, he'd be talking to the media every week like Carl did. If he was so power hungry, he could've taken a number of jobs during that whole Patriots run rather than turning down job offer after job offer in order to work behind the scenes in New England. Something just seems off and over the top with a lot of these "stories" from "people" who have talked to Chadhia...
My SIL lives in KC. She goes to a chriopractor who used to work for the Chiefs during training camp. That's a pretty good gig. She said he quit the job because Pioli was a total dick all the time.

Think about that. That would be a great job to have. But the guy is much happier now that he does not have to deal with the way Pioli treats people
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