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late to the party, but still dropping in for last call...

There was some good advice given here...hope you use some of it, and take up the "experienced Pilots" that have offered to help you break the ice. Once you go out, and see what you're'll be pawning that G4 for a new haircut and a case of pleasure mesh trojans.

Don't go to a "gathering of people having fun" with any expectations. No Pressure. you're just there to meet some people. NETWORKING(ie. Meeting people) is more important careerwise down the road than half the classes.

There are alot of things you can do to "break the ice" for you.
1. get a stupid teeshirt.
I recommend one with 2 hands with fingers pointing towards your chest that says "you mush be *this* tall to ride".
guys will think its funny and you'll chat.....ladies will comment and the conversation starts.

Its like anything else...Making yourself just do it the first time is the hardest is NEVER as bad as you anticipate.....and usually a Ton more fun.

The JW excuse doesn't work've said here yourself that your sister is out partying and getting laid.....ask her to hook you up, go out or something.
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