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Funny thing is dude's try to save money on dress clothes and the truth of the matter is this is the way to do it. A buckfity is about what u need to spend on a shirt to get great quality, 2fity on pants. If you get a great discount on the right pair like I posted they will last 3 times as long, require far less cleaning and you will look 10x better. YOu do the math, we are not even talking about time and effort to find the cheapies 3x over. YOu will spend far less to look WAY better. Bottom line
I agree on shoes. Drop some coin on shoes. But you can get quality slacks and shirts for a lot less than that. When I used to wear a coat and tie 50 hours a week, I dropped a lot of coin at Brooks Brothers end of season sales. I don't think I've ever spend 2 bills on slacks unless it was built into the price of a suit. But you run in different circles than I ever did. I can understand the expectation to sport that high end look.
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