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Funny....when I was listening to the program out of Louisville last evening they were really slapping the Big East around. They want out of the Big East and want to move to the Big 12. There is supposedly a rumor that Louisville and Cincinnati are 2 programs that are being targeted by the Big 12 to add to the conference now that the WVU problem is over.

Even funnier was their take (one that I mentioned in an earlier post) was that the programs that would move to the Big 12 (WVU, Louisville and Cincy) would probably only take a couple of years to move to the top echelon of the Big 12 and possible compete for the normal 2 bids that come with being in the Big 12.

The host went even further to say that the only "real" year-in/year-out football power is Oklahoma.

I wanted so bad to call in and laugh...and for KSU, OSU and Texas Tech fans that is pretty much a slap in the face.
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