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Originally Posted by BigChiefFan View Post
Come on, bud. He's 6'5", 350 lbs. He's obviously a prime candidate for NT. He also commands constant double-teams and is strong as an ox. He's not your average tackle, because he's actually fast for his size and a work-out warrior to boot. Sounds like a NT to me, who can actually flush the pocket.

Why don't you think he's a NT?
I don't think he's going to come in at 350. Even if he does, he's a very different 340-350 than Ted Washington or MT. Cody. He's very light on his feet. He doesn't command double teams in the run game. Memphis moved him around the line and used his speed and athleticism. IMO, he has much more potential in a 34 as a DE than DT.

Some scouting reports that aren't based on hearsay:

nfldraftmonsters.comRun Defense: Poe is a pretty strong run defender, but he doesn’t project to the nose tackle position as well as I expected him to. As I mentioned earlier, he has an impressive get-off for his size which allows him to penetrate into the backfield and disrupt running plays on occasion. However, he gets pushed around much easier than you would expect him to given his great combination of size and weight room strength. Theoretically he should be incredibly difficult to move off of the line of scrimmage, even in the face of double teams, but too many times I saw him get pushed off of the line of scrimmage by just one offensive lineman. That surprised and disappointed me, and made me doubt his potential to be a 3-4 NT at all in the NFL. He struggles with leverage on a pretty regular basis because of his height and that contributes to him getting pushed off the line of scrimmage.
I have talked to an NFL scout who sees Poe a lot more like a Haloti Ngata (don't freak out, I meant style, not skill) in that he would actually act more like a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme.
Lacks the anchor and balance of an elite 3-4 nose tackle prospect and disappeared for stretches at a time playing at Memphis; moving him off the line of scrimmage is easier than expected... Doesn't always maintain gap responsibilities, blockers can easily seal him out of the play... Lacks ideal awareness of the ball carrier, he often ends up out of position to prevent backs from crossing the line of scrimmage... Staying low is difficult, comes out of his stance too high and can be driven off the ball

Read more:
The downside is that he’s a big guy who doesn’t always play like it. He’s single-blocked way too often for a guy with his size/power. Poe should be tossing blockers around like rag dolls. He’s more interested in using his quickness and agility to beat blockers. Poe needs a tough DL coach to ride him until he starts playing up to his size. Poe played both NT and under tackle at Memphis. He has a good motor. He’ll chase plays. He runs well for a guy his size. I wonder if a 3-4 team will try him at DE. Poe might be more natural at that spot.
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