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Originally Posted by frazod View Post
I love the way you just ignore the fact that there WOULD BE NO BIG XII had the Pac-12 accepted Texas, OU, Okie Light and Tech. It would be over. Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Baylor have absolutely nothing to do with that 100 years shit you keep bleating about. The only modern era members dating back to 1907 are KU, MU and Nebraska, which is already gone. You do realize that, right? Seriously, this century of solidarity shit you're running pushes the boundaries of dumbass, even for you.
Texas - Texas A&M first played in 1894

Texas Tech - Texas A&M first played in 1927

Kansas - Missouri first played in 1891

Texas A&M and Baylor first played in 1899

So yeah, you're wrong. Many long time series are being destroyed with these moves.

I hope it was worth it for you.
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