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Originally Posted by Trevo_410 View Post
Well, Wickeddumbass, Do you think the Bevo12 could survive if Texas and oklahoma just left one of these years after taking there annual love affair vacation with the pac10 leaders one step further?
What is the Bevo12?

I don't understand these arguments.

Just because you guys don't win don't try and make it like Texas runs show. They don't. They have the most money because they are the largest brand and the flagship university of the country's 2nd most populous state.

In the Big12 you build your own brand. Here we have schools that go out on their own and achieve on the field and financially.

Just because these schools don't hide under the umbrella of a conference doesn't make them any worse off.

KU wouldn't be allowed to make the kinds of millions they make in the SEC when it comes to third tier rights. Just another reason why this conference is the best fit for Kansas.
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