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Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
Hell, I didn't want to get into this... but ok. I don't doubt your knowledge of Photoshop, but I'm guessing you don't do much on the low-level programming side of images. Remember I mentioned earlier that many many scanners use something similar to OCR by default... I basically said it's like OCR in that it picks out elements and puts them into layers. Well, to get more technical, that is called MRC or Mixed Raster Content. If you take a document and scan it into Acrobat or Illustrator then hit "Optimize Scan" you get the EXACT same "links", "layers", etc etc If you use a different scanner software that uses an MRC algorithm by default, you will get the exact same thing.

There are plenty of scanner software programs that DO apply MRC by default. I don't know FOR CERTAIN if any scanner/copier with the software built in currently uses MRC by default but it is very possible. I know the old Xerox copiers used to use it but that has been awhile so who knows right now.

Sorry, but a Photoshop or Illustrator "expert" just doesn't have anything close to the necessary knowledge base to be an "expert" on this subject. The "experts" to consult on this are people who are experts with Adobe Acrobat and I mean TRUE experts not some guy who has used it a lot... but someone who understand the very inner workings. Or someone who has spent considerable time encoding/decoding image files programatically.

BTW, nothing is being "vectorized" the guy who said that is an idiot and used the wrong term.. he WAS basically correct though. The RASTER image is broken up into MORE raster images to allow for more efficient compression. Those rasters then show up as layers or links when you import into Photoshop or Illustrator.

I can get you links to MRC if you want to study up on it. I can also show you where it has been implemented for a VERY long time in all sorts of different Scanner/PDF capture systems.
I'm not claiming to be an expert. I just work with the software, I don't program it. I've never bought into this story and always assumed Obama to be born in Hawaii. The only reason I took interest in this is because, first, I was amazed at the way the story was being covered in the original you tube, and second, because the evidence they are referencing created doubt in me where there previously wasn't any - I've never heard of a scanner that will separate things into layers automatically. I know there are process that you can do within photoshop to do that, but for what reason anybody would want to do this before releasing a document like this to public, I don't know.
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