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I think the problem is right now that Romney doesn't have any fierce advocates. At least Santorum has fierce advocates in his very niche audience. Same with Paul. I don't think he ever will, though I think if he can find his moderate platform, he's more likely to. I don't think that's a sign that he's the less equipped candidate. You'd have to think there's a lot of people who think unfavorably of Romney that will vote for him simply because they view Obama even more unfavorably. Again, I don't think that's the case with any other candidate.
RINOs never have any fierce advocates nor will they ever because they don't take a hard stance on anything other than their political careers which solely depends on bi-partisanship at all cost with the opposition and most of the time at the expense of "We The People".

Nothing worse than a politician who is a "chameleon" at every turn. And conservatives recognize that Romney is just another RINO phony trying to look conservative.

Find his modern platform? That's all Romney has been ! He's trying to sound more conservative to pull more conservatives into his fold.
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