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Super-secret sources.

Started on the PowerMizzou premium board. Quickly made its way to the Main Rivals Board, then to TigerBoard, etc.

It's out there now, so I know Gabe doesn't mind it being credited.

I will say this, though. The guys that run the Arkansas site are freaking hacks. They posted an article after Arkie's junior day that was heavily pro-Arkansas (with no mention of any other schools). Afterwards, PM got in touch with Ramirez, who told them Missouri was his leader and would remain his leader even if/when Arkie offers, and to "please quote me on that."

The Arkie writer then tried to downplay it, saying Ramirez was only saying what Missouri fans wanted to hear.

This is the same guy perpetuating a story that DGB:

1) Committed to Arkansas coaches after the Auburn game
2) Re-affirmed the commitment to coaches and players during his official visit
3) Called Arkansas the day before National Signing Day to reaffirm again

Meanwhile, everyone else (including reporters at OU's site and two national recruiting analysts) was hearing that DGB was recruiting Durron Neal HARD to Mizzou.

YEah, that's something an Arkie silent commit/re-affirmed commit would do...

Apparently, Arkie writers and maybe the coaches need to learn the difference between a recruit saying "I could see myself here, I like it" and "I am coming here."
Damn. Any mention of Nebraska? Because what I read on Huskerboard is it seems like the kid really likes us and we'll be in the running. Can you confirm this at all?
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