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Originally Posted by COchief View Post
I'm sure the teenager calmly explained that he was a resident of the neighborhood and that he was just on a trip from the store. I'm sure that his reaction to the shooter when confronted initially, and then later when the gun was pulled was nothing but polite and professional and had nothing to do with why he got shot.

This story isn't written in a biased and inflammatory fashion what so ever, "he was a nice boy, all he wanted was to be an airline pilot, and was just getting some skittles for his wittle brother". I'm sure when we hear the other side of the story, things might become just a tad bit more clear. I'm also sure it might explain why the shooter has yet to be charged, police departments aren't that stupid, they know the situation and if there is not just cause there will certainly a media circus.
Find me the gun the kid had and then you have a point.
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