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I’ve finished the first month and I’m in recovery week. I’ve only lost 4 lbs and that is a huge disappointment. I am more firm…absolutely. Should have taken measurements before I started. I’m sure my chest and belly and legs are smaller. Still…I am disappointed. I should have put more effort into the nutritional side of this…but I didn’t. My reasoning was this…..I’ve been pretty steady 245-250 for maybe 3 years now. I don’t necessarily eat bad…I’m very aware of my intake…and I suppose that’s why I haven’t gained weight in 3 years. So by my reasoning…killing myself every frigging day and keeping my intake roughly the same should result in some good weight loss. It didn’t…so far. I have no doubt I’ve put on muscle…but dammit. Four friggging lbs! Pisses me off.
My next big decision is whether to do month 1 again. I am strongly considering it. Although I do get through the workouts…some of them really really kick my ass…which makes me think I’m probably not ready to increase the torture just yet. Pretty sure I’m gonna turn this into a 3 month saga. I ain’t gonna quit though! I do have myself a beer night at least once a week, maybe two…4 or 6-sh. I know it’s a lot of calories…but like I said before…I’ve stuck at 250 for years now doing much less exercise. I’m gonna ditch beer for my second go at month one and see how much difference it makes. Beer…..mmmm…

Question: I have a good friend who played college football & coached high school football in a pretty good sized program. So he knows a little something about fitness. I was talking to him about my disappointment and he wondered if I could be over training. I researched this a little bit. Here is one definition….
Overtraining is a physical, behavioral, and emotional condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual's exercise exceeds their recovery capacity.
I was like HOLY SHIT! I’ve said before in this thread….Shawn T will say “make sure you recover, it’s important this is interval training” meaning that my heart rate is supposed to chill out during those 30 second breaks before I ramp it up again. Look man…I’m ****ing pushing myself….hard! So at the end of many of the 30 second breaks I am still dying! I actually wonder…is it POSSIBLE….that if I pause the CD and take a longer break…maybe 45 seconds or something….that my results may be better?? Anyone get what I’m saying? Anyone know anything about over training? I mean good LORD…these workouts! I’m wondering how a younger more fit guy is gonna not over train and I’m 47. My heart rate almost always gets a little over what my max should be during these workouts (I’m actually starting to feel a little better at that level though).
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