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Originally Posted by Braincase View Post
Don't confuse opinions with facts. The facts: 4 schools have left. 2 schools have committed to play in the conference next season. Although West Virginia and TCU may not have the history of Nebraska, based on the current status of their respective football programs, they are more than adequate. West Virginia is a very good basketball school, and TCU is probably on the same level of Nebraska or Colorado in basketball.

The Big 12 is probably not done with their membership. Any number of schools are considering moves, and the Big 12 has been mentioned prominently with a number of schools.

I am well aware that a number of fans from Nebraska, Colorado, TAMU and Mizzou not only believe but strongly desire for the Big 12 to fold up like a circus tent.

My opinion? The circus has left town and took their tents with them. The Big 12 is going to be fine...and I know that really pisses off some people.

It's embarrassing really. Especially those that are constantly wishing harm on the Big 12 and calling schools that were loyal to each other names and insulting them.

Not only that, when the situation changes, the damaging comments and arguments change with it.

I don't get why if they are so happy with their new conference why they continue to wish harm on those who stayed. But it's over and now there's much more money. It's a win-win I suppose. If you didn't want to be here then leave and GTFO already.
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