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Originally Posted by Braincase View Post
I was pointing out the ludicrous nature of "conference pride". Mizzou fans are taking so much pride in a conference they haven't even joined yet. It's as if you are already redefining your identity based on SEC membership.

How about taking a bit of ****ing pride in just being Mizzou? Screw all the conference crap and the rivalry crap and just be proud of what you are based on your own history?

Sorry... I guess that's more of a KU thing.
I will continue to root against all of SEC schools(especially Florida) like I always have when Mizzou starts up again next year. I actually think that the Big 12 is a better overall basketball conference than the SEC and I was a little surprised that they had had that much success in basketball considering which is why I posted it. Although now it looks like the SEC East is going to be pretty tough for a while.

I honestly think it's pretty silly when fans of other teams start beating their chests because one of their rivals wins a title. It's not like Alabama is going to share their title with Florida or LSU or anyone else in the conference.

Besides the better recruiting possibilities in football will come from joining the SEC, I just wanted to join the conference to screw the Texas schools and so I can see Mizzou play in person since I live about an hour from Gainesville.
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