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I forgot that my friend literally just lent me Robopocalypse. I was really digging World War Z in the beginning, but it's gotten boring. When they were talking about the actual breakout and the "War" it was cool, but once I hit about 30% in they started talking about Zombie, National, and Foreign Policy, it's started to get boring.

I hope it picks back up. I don't really care about the movie star who used his celebrity to film the last major Zombie battle to raise the moral of the people.

Anyways, some others that I have picked up recently, but I don't know how soon I'll read them.

-The Dig - Michael Siemsen
-Rex Rising - Chrystalla Thoma

Also I guess I actually bought The Stand. I shouldn't operate my kindle late at night. I'm buying shit that I don't even know about lol. I almost bought the paperback today, not even knowing that I bought it on Kindle last night.
I thought that World War Z started slowly, but got really great by the end. If you're only 30% in, you haven't got to the really good stuff.
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