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Originally Posted by Dayze View Post
yeah. I think on the smaller maps, the large ticket count isn't "as" big of deal, but still alot. The large maps are hard as sh*t with large ticket counts. The 1.5 hour one I played on Caspian Border had like 600 tickets. It took forever. But, it was sort of fun becuase the momentum of the game swayed back and forth. One team would own everything, then lose it, back and forth. We finally won by 14 after being down by like 105. So, pretty rewarding, although I was cashed after that. Can score a ton of points though. I placed 4th as Recon, and only had like 8 kills. Spotted a TON with the MAV and SOFLAM, captured a few flags/assisted

I think I even saw some servers that were for flights only (i think); and some that had 200% tickets...not sure what that means. Not sure if that means each death costs twice as much tickets or what.

Sometimes I like the new setup of servers becaue of the varying details, but sometimes I'd just like to hop on for a quick match in a game mode and stay in that mode through difference maps. Oh well. I definitely have to save some preferred servers etc.

True, I'm averaging close to 500 points a minute on these big ticket games.

It's fun if things swing I agree. But when one team is dominating can be quite repetitive.

Does give you more of a chance to come back and win though than before.
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