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If anyone finds a good pair of boxer briefs that have leggings that stay down and don't stretch out too easily, let me know.

Cuz the pairs I have now are just far too weak for my thunderous thighs. It's like trying to arrest a grizzly bear with handcuffs made out of linguini. The bear is gonna find it's way out quickly and with ease.

It's the opposite of the problem that some women have with keeping their pantyhose from rolling down. Someone needs to devise a type of garter belt for keeping mens boxer brief leggings down.
I had the same problem and couldn't stand the riding up. I decided to spend extra money and bought some Jockey boxer/briefs. They have a great soft feel but some spandex in them throughout that helps them stay in place. They feel awesome. I know not everyone want to spend $20 for 2 briefs but I just like them too much. I wash them and just air dry instead of drying and they last a lot longer that way.
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