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Less than 5,000 Black people were killed by homicide in 2010. Nearly 1 million Black people however are incarcerated nationwide.

So which one is the 'bigger' problem???

The fact that Trayvon Martin had a statistically greater chance to be murdered by another Black youth, OR, that we live in a society where INSTITUTIONAL RACISM deems it unnecessary to arrest his admitted murderer on probable cause because his death was regarded as insignificant??

Conservatives throw out that Black-on-Black crime nonsense to suggest WHO CARES if a non-Black kills someone who is Black because THOSE PEOPLE are killing each other like it's going out of style.
No. People who point out "that Black-on-Black crime nonsense" in connection to the Martin killing are pointing out the absurd reaction of people/groups like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and The New Black Panther Party who beat the drums of outrage over this killing while apparently having a "WHO CARES" attitude about blacks who are killed by other blacks. It's really more about the reaction of leftwing race merchants than about the attitude of conservatives.
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