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Originally Posted by duncan_idaho View Post
Not bad, but you seem to have Dixon coming off the bench, which isn't going to happen. Too few minutes for Pressey, as well. I have a hard time seeing NWC get much playing time, at all, next season. Just too many bodies in front of him. The only way he plays much is if Missouri goes to a 4-guard look with any consistency.

PG - Pressey (32 mins)/Dixon (8 mins)
SG - Dixon (24 mins)/Bell (12 mins)/Brown (4 mins)
SF - Ross (22 mins)/Brown (10 mins)/Bell (8 mins)
PF - Bowers (26 mins)/Ross(6 mins)/Jankovic (8 mins)
C - Oriakhi (30 mins)/Criswell (10 mins)

Pressey - 32 (probably will be more, honestly)
Dixon - 32
Ross -28
Bowers - 26
Oriakhi - 30
Bell - 20
Brown - 14
Jankovic - 8
Criswell - 10

Looking at that, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if we see more of the small lineup than in my projection. Would much rather get an extra 4 minutes or so a game for Bell and Brown than for Jankovic or Criswell.
Agreed. Don't see Jank nor Criswell getting that many minutes. Cut those in half and add the 9 minutes to Brown, and I'm with you.
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