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Originally Posted by R8ers View Post
Here is how I think it went down...

I don't think GZ or many people for that matter would have the balls to approach a 6 ft 3 dude in the dark with a hoodie. He could have been armed too. I think he followed him slowly in the car at first, and that annoyed TM, I think TM figured he would cut thru the apt's to get away, I think GZ got out and walked a little to see where he had gone and decided he had lost him and turned around to go back to his vehicle, I think TM thought about it, and felt he was looking like a punk for running from this guy so he doubled back and met GZ somewhere close to his vehicle, he asked GZ did he have a problem, a startled GZ said no, and TM said you do now and punched him in the face and jumped on him. Then the rage got the better of him, maybe he had been told all of his life that all people not of his race were bad people who knows but this kid went into a rage, slamming GZ's head atleast 3 times into the concrete, GZ then determined he would have to defend himself or possibly die.
This is a guy who was in security and wanted to be a cop, not to mention a guy who multiple times has instigated a confrontation (was alleged to have followed suspicious persons in the past all the way to their homes, in addition to other documented confrontations). His pattern of behavior makes it very, very hard to believe that he was passively tracking or afraid of Trayvon. His history suggests that he loves a confrontation and has a record of overzealously stalking suspicious persons. Especially given his comment about "****ing punks, they always get away." That sure sounds to me like a guy who is pissed and wants to do something about it.

My interpretation is that Zimmerman is a well-meaning guy who started patrolling his neighborhood and became involved with Neighborhood Watch because he badly, badly wanted to be a hero. If he wasn't going to be a cop, he was going to at least help people on his own. Who knows, maybe if he cracked the case of the burglars in his community, the cops might add him to the force. So I don't buy the bullshit story that he was going to the grocery store. I think that for weeks, he was probably constantly staking out his neighborhood, waiting for some suspicious character to do something stupid. Maybe to the point of obsession (this is backed up by the volume of and nature of calls he made to 911). When he saw Trayvon run, I think he was convinced he had finally found one. Eager to please his community and be a hero, he went after Trayvon.

From there, you can imagine a whole bunch of scenarios for how an overzealous vigilante with a confrontational track record might have handled himself when confronted with a guy he was convinced was guilty of something. Maybe he mentioned he was packing heat, maybe he tried to restrain Trayvon to hold him until the cops got there, maybe he told him to hold still or he'd arrest or shoot him. Who knows. Like many people said, I highly doubt EITHER of the two handled themselves well in that situation. But I find it very, very hard to believe he asked a simple question and was assaulted, and that's the extent of it.
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