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Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Comical. It's the political equivalent of the dork who was always whining about being picked last for kick ball at recess.
And so then the dork takes over the team?

But perhaps more important and far-reaching in its implications for the future of national politics in the US, is not Ron Paulís delegate count, but the fact that his supporters are successfully taking over the Republican Party district by district, county by county, state by state. That the fiercely independent Republican congressman from Texas might still have a tiny chance at winning his partyís nomination, while interesting, is less important than what he will most certainly have succeeded at doing: Ron Paul has built a political machine.

Judging by recent events in state and local GOP conventions across the country, it may not be at all presumptuous for Ron Paulís supporters to call their burgeoning movement a revolution.

In Iowa, it is no exaggeration to say that Ron Paulís people have taken over the GOP. After a stunning coup on April 21st, the new Iowa GOP state central committee now has six members who have publicly expressed support for Ron Paulís candidacyĖ and that includes the new state chair of the Iowa Republican Party, A. J. Spiker, the former vice chairman for Ron Paulís Iowa campaign! Think about that. This is major news. It signals a sea change in the Republican Party. We are now living in a world where the head of the Republican Party of Iowa is a Ron Paul supporter.

And itís not just Iowa, though Iowa is especially significant because of its prominent role in the national primary process. Ron Paulís supporters are taking over the Republican Party everywhere. This weekend during the April 28th district conventions, Ron Paul supporters also took over the GOP in Louisiana, with not a bare majority, but a whopping 74% of the delegates to Louisianaís state convention in June. You can bet theyíll show up and you can bet theyíll elect their own to positions of leadership in the state GOP.

Itís the same story in Alaska, where the Ron Paul movement took over the Republican Partyís state convention on Saturday, and elected two Ron Paul supporters to the positions of state chair and co-chair, Russ Millete and Debbie Holland-Brown, respectively. Even in Mitt Romneyís own home state of Massachusetts, Ron Paulís movement swept the stateís district conventions Saturday, and stacked the slate of delegates bound to vote for Romney on the first ballot in Tampa with activists who will vote for Ron Paul on the second ballot if thereís a brokered convention.

Looking back further to mid-April, Paulís supporters also dominated conventions in Minnesota and made a strong showing in Colorado. Looking ahead, Paulís supporters are poised to continue repeating their successful takeover strategy at the Nevada State GOPís convention this weekend, and careful observers should look out for more possible surprises in the upcoming Texas and California processes, especially with the likelihood of Newt Gingrichís withdrawal from the race, leaving Ron Paul as the only alternative to an electorate that is hardly enamored with Mitt Romney.

Again, the bigger story here is not Ron Paulís chances at winning his partyís nomination, but his supportersí marked success at winning control over the party apparatus itself.

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