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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post
Now, imagine how uninteresting a UNC football game must be.

Clemson is not a FSU, OU, or Texas. But, they are a very solid #2 who can more than pay their way into the conference. They went to the Orange bowl just LAST YEAR, went to a bowl every year in the prior 10 years, and have played in the ACC championship game a couple times recently.

North Carolina is a steaming pile in football who would add almost nothing to the conference. Clemson is 1 of only 5 schools in the ACC who are worth a damn in football, and would also be taken ahead of Louisville.

If the most recent rumors that the Big 12 is looking at expanding to 14 schools, and UL and BYU aren't on the list are true, then we may be looking at a full-blown ACC jailbreak soon. My guess (if its true, maybe it isnt): FSU, CU, the U, and VT. That added to the Big 12 would be one HELL of a conference.
Yes, getting those 4 schools would be a tremendous haul. I wouldn't be so sure the ACC is just going to "break up" though. There is too much tradition between so many of those schools just to give it up. Most of the schools we see changing conferences don't value their past and I'm not sure the ACC guys fit into that category. They have accomplished too much where they are. They will hold strong just like the core of the Big 12 has...
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