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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post
You are making it far too simple. You can't take 2 teams from each and compare them, without considering the pile of crap in the ACC.

Here's what a good Big 12 school might have weighing them down right now on SOS.

Kansas (destroyed by Gill, big multi-year salvage project coming)
Iowa State (though supposedly on an upswing)

Thats about it, isn't it? Even Baylor's improved. Everyone else either wont hurt you or is an asset.

Now, pull up the ACC roster, add Syracuse and Pitt, and after you stop gagging at the sheer magnitude of football suck, imagine what that'll do to their SOS.
Why do you keep responding to him?

The only teams that left are teams that continually kept getting their ass beat by Texas. The money coming in is all you need to prove that.
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