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Originally Posted by eazyb81 View Post
This isn't accurate at all. The schools are not "paying" money, the conference is withholding unearned TV revenue over the next two years. So the conference is not just sitting on tens of millions right now that it can use for FSU's buyout. Also the gross amount withheld between Mizzou and A&M is $25MM, but the net amount is about $3MM less due to A&M getting a portion of the contract signed with Fox last year.

This is accurate. It's amazing how little some of you know and yet you post with complete certainty. Neither Mizzou nor A&M paid a penny to the Big 12, nor will they ever.

The Big 12 isn't a's a loose configuration of non-equal parties that is still waiting for the next implosion moment.

And don't you love their VERBAL agreement to forfeit TV revenue if one of them leaves!??? What a bunch of morons.
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