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Originally Posted by DeezNutz View Post
What has happened during the last two years? And now we're going to laugh this off, pretend it didn't happen, and proclaim all problems solved?

For the region, I hope that the Big XII regains its footing and strength. It is somewhat ironic that partnering with which conference immediately granted viability? There were no initial comments about the bowl deal "stabilizing the SEC" or "saving the SEC." Wonder why?
This is pretty much wrong. Many people around here, myself included, never believed that the Big 12 was "in trouble".

You've never heard anything like "thank God the Big 12 signed a deal to play a bowl with the SEC" out of my mouth... This conference would have been just fine without doing that. Is it a bit odd to entangle yourself with the history of cheating and scandal that being involved with the SEC brings? Maybe, but what it is.
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