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Rankin' em!

1. Connery (duh!)
2. Craig
3. Dalton - I know, but the guy had as steely a glare as any bond.
4. Brosnan
5. Lazenby
6. James Coburn as Derek Flint
7. Dean Martin as Matt Helm
8. Roger Moore
9. Mike Myers as Austin Powers
10. David Niven

If it's not apparent, I was never a big fan of the Roger Moore James Bond movies. Part of the reason I rank Dalton so high is due to the fact he wasn't Roger Moore. Don't get me wrong, I liked Moore in other things - he'll always be Simon Templar, but some it seemed like the poor plots were just vehicles for stunts and funny spy gadgets. The Craig Bonds have been very refreshing. The gadgets aren't gadgets at all, and the plots have a more realistic feel to them.
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