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Originally Posted by Detoxing View Post
People wanna BELIEVE that he wasn't given a chance.

You think the browns took him the 1st round so that he could ride the bench? He was suppose to be their savior. But the man couldn't beat out Derek Anderson or Seneca Wallace. And when he finally did get his shot, he shit the bed and proved to everyone why he was never given a shot in the first place.

Lets not pretend that the Browns didn't want him to be their starting QB.
He screwed himself at Cleveland. He held out... wanting higher than where he was drafted 1st round money... for the first two weeks of training camp. Crennel said then he eliminated himself from serious contention for playing time his rookie year. Meanwhile, Anderson in the last year of his contract, had a lights out year.

That put Cleveland in a bind. They resigned Anderson for big bucks... and he sucked balls.

Quinn got a chance to play... did reasonably well the first two games... and broke a finger. Done for the year.

Crennel fired.
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