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Originally Posted by mnchiefsguy View Post
That is not saying what you think it does, you idiot. Kansas City wants the Big XII tournament first and foremost, as it should, based on the number of successful years the tournament has been here.

A first refusal for the Big XII is the city telling the Big XII that it has to commit or the city will field other offers.

If the Big XII leaves KC twisting in the wind, then the city can field other tournament offers. If the Big XII invokes its right of first refusal, then the city is guaranteed to host the Big XII tourney.

Either way, it is a win-win for the city of Kansas City. The Big XII committing its bball tourney to KC in no way, shape, or form, hurts SEC bball at all. You really need to learn how to connect your dots properly.

Then again, you are Hypocritson.
oh gotcha. That's what they first said on the radio so I goes we'll find out in 2016.

Until then enjoy our Big 12 hoops!
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