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Bag 'o Rumors here! Got your Big Bag 'o Rumors here! From the West Virginia Board:

First off, just repeating what I was told here. I was given permission to post this. I'm not saying this is a done deal or anything like that. This comes from ACC country with connections to both the NCST and GT Athletic Departments. From what I can tell, legit connections. I'm just passing this along for discussion purposely only, not claiming this is happening.

Word out of GT is that it's "common knowledge" (their choice of word) in some high ACC circles that FSU and Clemson are leaving for the Big 12. They used the word "lock". This is apparently also known in the NCST AD. GT is currently talking to both the Big 12 and B1G, and their fate, I was told, rests with Notre Dame. I was told that Notre Dame has "shot down" (again, their choice of words) the B1G and isn't going to the ACC. So apparently it's the Big 12. Notre Dame, so I was told, wants to work it out with NBC so they can join the Big 12 sooner than 2015. The thinking is that way they (ND) could join the Big 12 next year (that what I was told; I'm assuming Olympic sports at first, but didn't get that confirmed) and use the NBC contract for their Tier 3 part of the TV contracts.

So the perceived "delays" (as we see them) in regards to moving on FSU and Clemson are because ND is exploring some options with NBC regarding their current deal and what can be done, or so I was told.

Regarding NCST. they are talking with the SEC along with VT, which we pretty much figured. I was given nothing about possible UNC talks in relation to the SEC, only that NCST is actively talking with them. This information comes (supposedly) from an NCST AD employee who didn't believe all the realignment talk and when he looked into it, found out it was all real.

I say again, I make not claims on any of this information. The folks I have spoken with have every appearance of being legit, so I have no reason to just dismiss this information out of hand. I don't necessarily believe it (anything with ND is hard to believe), but let's discuss the possibilities here and agree that no one believes this and that I get no internet fame points for posting this. Again, I was given permission to post this from the folks who contacted me.

It could all be garbage or it could be gold. I'm not making any judgment nor asking anyone else to believe or disbelieve it. It's just another bit of information, coming from other places that seems to tie into some other things we've heard/seen/posted.

But there is an awful lot of smoke to the Notre Dame fire. I honestly believe if they go anywhere, it will be the Big 12.

But that's what I have. As usual, I won't divulge who I got it from, but it was a complete surprise to me and leads me to believe we have a lot of prying eyes here on this board. Let's just say that Higher Education is a funny place sometimes.

Okay, here's everything I have been told from four separate and reliable sources. Information is current up to about 8:30 am this morning. This will be my final word on this round of expansion until it actually comes to pass and FSU and Clemson are welcomed to the growing Big 12 family. I'm taking a break, because as was pointed out by a poster here, I'm starting to lose it a bit, and frankly talking about this all the time is starting to wear on me. Bolded points have been given to me by all four sources I regularly speak with within the past few days/weeks (all unconnected to one another)

FSU and Clemson are playing Big 12 football in 2013
Representatives (not necessarily "employees") of both FSU and Clemson were present at the meetings yesterday, both via video conference. (two sources; was told that others have heard about Clemson as well)
I was told that anything official that comes out of the Big 12 meetings will be misinformation and misdirection. (two sources)
A lot of talk yesterday about divisional alignments.FSU is keen on a "North/South" setup, with them sharing a division with Clemson and the Texas schools. OU, OSU, KU, KSU, ISU, and WVU prefer an "East/West" setup, because it easily allows for future expansion in the South, Atlantic, and Midwest. (one source)
The only way the Big 12 goes to 14-16 at this time is with Notre Dame. There is no disagreement on who 11 and 12 are. Texas is very adamant about not moving beyond 12 without Notre Dame. (three sources)
We are siding with the SEC in regards to the BCS playoff "debate" (three sources).
Big 4 conferences are within "a few years" of breaking away entirely from the NCAA (two sources).
Everything coming out of Dodds mouth is intentional. He's leading the misinformation, because he's the clear lightning rod. No one (especially in a court of law cool) could possibly think that the Big 12 has any desire to be proactive in terms of expansion after hearing him talk. MHVer3 once posted "Let them come to us". There is a lot of truth in that (and not only for #13 and beyond)... (two sources)
Leaks will begin to emerge from both FSU and Clemson sometime after the Big 12 meetings (could be weeks, though). They will both take the lead in this, and the Big 12 will "be very happy" that they have "become available". (three sources)
Look for things to really break and invitations to be issued sometime after June 15. I've been told July is most likely for this to go down.
Georgia Tech was told "Thanks, but not right now". (one source)
Miami called shortly before their statement of support for the ACC and was told they weren't a candidate. Despite what has been reported, they did come around and wanted to explore options.
The 13-year GOR (with the signing of the new TV contract) is one of the things that appealed most to FSU in regards to Big 12 membership (three sources)
The TV contract may actually drag on a bit more, deeper into the summer. Depends on expansion, i.e. NOTRE DAME. (two sources)
All signs point to $24-$26 million per team with FSU/Clemson and a Big 12 CCG in the mix. This doesn't include the Champions Bowl payouts.
The ACC is looking at ways to complicate things when it starts to go down with FSU/Clemson, and generally be pricks to everyone. They are deceitful, tricky bastards. (paraphrased from two sources)
Expect the ACC to make one last full push to land Notre Dame. (two sources)
Options are being explored in regards to the CCG (as in having it or not), but no one really believes there won't be one. Too much money to not have one.
BYU & Best Kentucky are out of contention; Best Kentucky just doesn't bring enough revenue and BYU won't play on Sundays (if they would play on Sunday, they would've already been in)
When Clemson and FSU join, TCU and WVU will move to full shares

That's everything I've been told. It's not collected from others posts here, although much of it matches up with what others have posted. I've been told this stuff from four different, unconnected "sources" both inside and outside of WV. I'm not saying it's true, certain, or a "done deal", it's just what I've been told.

I'm not going to defend any of this. I'm not going to post any clarifications or addendums. This is everything I've got from people I trust. In the interest of full disclosure, I do talk with MHVer3 via PMs here. He has connections, I'm 100% certain of it. It's up to each of you how much credibility to give it. If you don't believe any of this, nobody cares. If you believe every word of it, nobody cares. Just don't make this thread a freaking joke. I'm guilty of that enough on my own!

I'm not leaving, I'm not upset, and this isn't some good-bye post. I just wanted to lay out everything I know and be done with it. The next few weeks are going to be interesting (and probably pretty quiet), and things are going to get really stupid on here. I only know what I posted above.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, but it's everything I've got. The war chest is empty.

I won't talk expansion again until we're discussing who ND would want to add @ #14 in football.
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