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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
He's not simply "a replacement." If he was just a AAA callup it'd be no thing. But the Royals TRADED for this piece of shit. They traded a fairly legit relief prospect for Quintero and the even-worse Jason Bourgeois.
He is simply Perez's replacement due to the injury. Quintero is a guy who we had to acquire at the last minute to replace Perez and we only have on for one year. So a one year stop gap player brought in solely as a reaction to Perez's injury who will be a free agent after this season...sounds like a replacement to me. Tough to get any sort of catcher at the last second without giving up something. Also add in the fact that it was a relief pitcher that was traded, which makes up for arguably our strongest group of players in the big leagues.

Would you have rather gone into the season with Bryan Pena as the only catcher with big league experience? We had to do something and considering the circumstances I do not think it was too bad.

Also the point remains that you can complain about his throws but the stats say he has been one of the better catchers in the league at throwing guys out. He is tied for 6th in the majors not even playing full time. I too get frustrated by many of his plate appearances but how many teams have a backup/replacement catcher that is going to blow you away on offense? Probably zero.
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