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Scott Steiner still owns.

After taking a few weeks off, Scott Steiner is back ripping on the Hogans on his Twitter account. Here is his latest rant, focusing on Brooke Hogan:
"After brooke hogan tweeted that she could make more money on her back than i did in my wrestling career Which i accepted and i will get into later,a high ranking official from TNA (who i respect) called me and Without going into the whole conversation he ask me to stop tweeting and since im trying to Save TNA from the same fate as WCW,and this official also has TNA's best interest in mind i agreed Until b---hoff opened his mouth spewing his bullsh*t as usual...
"but first since i missed brookes debut,I know The camera adds 10 lbs but OMG how big is her head,did everybody notice when they were advertising her For the show they had a picture of her that looked totally differerent of her when she walked out,how many Gallons of paint did it take to airbrush that big head...and this is why i accepted her challenge that she Could make more money on her back,even though guys have fetishes and sometime guys are just bored But she has too many physical variables and abnormalities to be competitive or make money as a wh*re. Keep in mind she could have issued the challenge that she could make more money singing but she chose Prostitution bcuz even she knows her singing sucks...
"her dad took her to a few music studios in nashville in a last ditch effort and of course they got laughed out of the studio...same results cant sing cant dance and shes an amazon. Alot of responses to her debut was that she was a amazon..she has fat knees,cankles and did i mention she has a big head Spinkled with a lil transvestite dust.
"So with the horrible ratings and reviews of his daughter what does hogan do;re-tweets a sexual tweet bcuz The guy asks him too! LOL what a fucking idiot..need some ppl to tweet hogan the most vulgar sexual laced tweets and lets see if The dumbass will re-tweet them
"For 21/2 yrs since hogan b---hoff n pritchard have been in charge the ratings have sucked and TNA continues To lose more and more of its fanbase and they think bringing in hogan's no talent daughter in will help The ratings.....they are fn crazy....the knockouts are pissed and think shes a joke. You want a storyline you want ratings make brooke the chazz bono of tna,minus the p---s implant,bcuz he/she has to have a v----a like her dad. Not only is tna wasting money on flying his daughter to the shows,TNA also pays to fly her dog with her. Unbelievable!!!!
"In 21/2 yrs hogan hasnt drawn a rating so what genius thinks his daughter will....and the dog??? Getting feedback from some fans at ppv..and they took the 609 signs from them...but cant silence the 609 chants... Power to the people"
Also I guess this Raw was planned for 3 hours because the original plan was to do that whole draft lottery thing. Kinda hard to do that when you don't have any starts.
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