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Originally Posted by mnchiefsguy View Post
Frazod was referring to how you act, not about how many championships you think your team has won.

Hell, you act like the 2007 Orange Bowl is a NC the way you talk about it.

And if you say you "don't pay much attention" to the final four, they you are a liar and I am saying so.

Typical Hypocritson.
When Wickedson posts it's to be taken 100% literally and serious.

When Frazod posts you can interpret what he is really saying.

Got it. Thanks
The other thing about B-Rush is that he never lied. Coach Self would be like, “Did everyone make curfew last night? If you didn’t make curfew, raise your hand.” All of us that broke curfew kept our hands down — except B-Rush. He’d raise his hand and tell on himself. Coach Self would ask him why he didn’t make curfew and he’d say, “Because the club was crackin’!” Everyone would laugh and he’d make B-Rush run a little bit.
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