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Originally Posted by tredadda View Post
KU had an off day that season

Nope they were an inferior team that got exposed by playing a better team. Missouri was the toughest team on their schedule and they got exposed.

MU had two.

They couldn't beat OU as OU was the better team no doubt. But they were in the Big XII championship game, not KU.

KU's a bigger brand and they got chosen.

In basketball yes. In football you would have to be a fool to believe that. Oh wait.... I guess that is why during the past two years of realignment when football was the driving force, conferences were tripping over themselves for the mighty Jayhawk brand of football.

Deal with it and move on. KU is trying to return to the BCS.

I am willing to make a sig bet with you KU never returns to a BCS game. They won't have all the stars align just right again like they did that year.
MU should try and get there once. Lots of teams have been.

I am willing to make another sig bet with you that they make one before KU does.
I will gladly take that bet.
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