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Originally Posted by qabbaan View Post
I wonder if the Border "Showdown" will come back, honestly. Does a doormat football school want to start a series with a team that pulls top 25 classes consistently? Unlikely, if that consistency continues - and it seems like it will since 11 teams in the conference are currently doing that. I wouldn't do it either

They can still crow how the series is 'almost' even, because they won most of the games played before the 1920s... (I guess it matches all the crowing about basketball "championships" from the days when there was no postseason...)

Personally, I don't have a problem if the schools don't play again. That is a 20th century rivalry. The future for Missouri is bright. Leave it in the past.
Does Missouri consistently pull Top 25 classes or has it been just the last couple of years? Losing the Texas pipeline will hurt, can Missouri offset it in Florida and Georgia? How competitive will they be in the SEC over the next 5-10 years? I think these will be major factors in whether they consistently pull Top 25 classes.
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