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Originally Posted by Wickedson View Post
Wasn't asking for an apology. Just didn't understand what you were trying to say. It seems pretty clear to most anyone involved that MU made the choice to discontinue the playing of KU. As many national media have said (which have been linked to in this thread), KU has a responsibility to itself to mov forward with its continued success and by no means has any reason to include any university that brings no added value.

But please, continue with the post move spin that makes it look like MU is the good guy in all this. I get a chuckle from it daily when you guys say it.
See...this is where you have reading comprehension issues. Please go a few posts before mine and re-read what I said to the others.

You can put any spin you want on it....but quite frankly you are the person most hurt and taking this personal. You take pot-shots and spin everything. Your posts most of the time contain half-truths or slanted opinions.

Most of us enjoy watching as you dance like a puppet to the posts of others. I actually stopped posting in this thread for a while because it got more hilarious than informative and you were right in the middle of the hilarity.
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