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Originally Posted by Wickedson View Post
Missouri was given the choice whether or not to continue competing with KU. They said no. It's pretty much that simple and now neither side could be happier.

Good luck with your journey into the SEC Mizzou.
I think you have your facts wrong Pleaase read on

As for the future?

"I would tell you right now just to take a step back and enjoy it for what it is in the moment," Zenger said. "History is made one chapter at a time, and this is one chapter. I'm very careful not to speak for those who went before us or those who will follow us. But we're living out our chapter as we speak."

Self has heard the arguments for playing on, particularly those framed in terms of what fans might want.
"People can get hung up on, 'Well, don't the fans deserve this or that?' You know what? Whose fans?" he said. "I haven't had one KU person, not one, send me an email or a letter or tell me we should play Missouri. Not one. And I've gotten numerous ones that said we should not."

While Self said he appreciated nice letters from Mizzou fans saying they hoped he'd reconsider, he added, "So I'm going to make a decision to try to make Mizzou fans happy? I mean, I'm not doing that. ... I don't see any reason to play anybody to help them. I think the reason you play somebody is to help us."

One reason he's resistant is because no scenario to play seems appropriate.

"We're going to go home-and-home every other year? We're going to play in Kansas City?" he said. "That ain't the same as it has been. It's not the same."

As the former coach at Illinois, Self is familiar with the possibilities of a neutral-court series with MU. He's heard Mizzou's points about other nonconference rivalries flourishing, such as Louisville-Kentucky and Clemson-South Carolina.

"To me, we've got to beat them to win the league. That game carries league significance. That's what makes that game so important. Playing them once a year? I personally don't feel the significance of it as much," he said. "The other thing is, Kentucky plays Louisville every year. Well, they've always played them every year (out of league). That's all they know.

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Originally Posted by Taco John
If you're not sure who you're voting for at this point in time, you can abandon all connection to the word "smart."

Originally Posted by Taco John
...He asked who I am voting for. I told him, "well, that depends... ."
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