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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
It doesn't matter, its not going to happen anyway. Texas wants to be in this region and they are the financial kingpin of their own conference. They have no interest in leaving. The partnership between the SEC and B12 guarantees their status in the pecking order, there is no incentive for teams to leave the B12.

The only discussion in the B12 right now is do we expand, and if so, by how much with whom. The B12 is actually very profitable with 10.

Now, what happens if there is no movement and the ESPN contract is not signed? That could open the B12 up for other bidders. That's why the extension hasn't been signed, It has nothing to do with discord, it has to do with maximizing the value. Once a contract is signed, its difficult to get it reopened, so the B12 is being pragmatic.
The Big 12 schools are bringing in so much with their 10 team deal that there are only one or two programs in America that make any sense to add. A 10 team round robin is fun. Gets a true Champion in the league every year and avoids the pitfalls of the extra game loss derailing a Big 12 team going to the NC game.

At least that's what we're being told...
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