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Originally Posted by Dayze View Post
Hypersports are fun, but there are a few drawbacks and considerations to take into account. I've had 3 in the last 8 yrs; CBR F4i, ZX6r (R.I.P.), and CBR600rr (liked the RR the best). Sold the RR last May.
I'm not sure if this is your first one, or if there are others reading this who are considering a 'first one'….but.

My personal thoughts with them:
--around here in KS, there are virtually no fun roads to blast through. And the ones that are, the Po-Po usually know about.

--Good roads (I'm talking really good) are 3 hours away minimum (unless you blast some alphabets in Clinton, MO or up in Liberty/Excelsior Springs etc)…but they can be iffy with gravel, potholes etc).

--can get really cramped. Actually, they are quite comfortable if you're leaning them over/sliding in the seat side-to-side etc; but that only comes with good curves.

--they make killer power; and if you've never ridden one you 'think' it's powerful in the lower RPM; but they REALLY make power around 9500/10k +RPM. You'll be amazed. So around town etc, if you're really in the meat of the power band, you're probably going to jail if pulled over lol.

--rear tires can wear quickly depending on your throttle hand. I got about 4000-4500 out of mine typically and I was pretty tame a majority of the time. So depending on how much you ride/how you ride, you might be looking at a rear and possible a set each riding season.

-- You'll be a cop magnet. Each summer (according to my BIL who's a trooper), they carve out a few weeks and specifically target 'aggressive driving'. He said they call it that, but in reality they're mainly looking for bikes. Due to high theft rates, you'll probably get stopped, or approached at gas stations (if cops are there getting coffee etc) to check your papers etc. This has happened to me at least 3 times.

--99% of the time, a 600 hyper engine will make more than enough power for you. You'll probably only ride it to 'maybe' 50% of it's potential around town…and that's probably generous. I'm 6' about 245 and my RR rocketed me around more than fine.

--fairings are $$. If it tips in a parking lot, etc, chances are you'll crack the side fairings, and possibly the front depending on how it falls. Get frame and swing arm sliders if you can afford them; the good ones.

--1000cc hypers can get you in trouble really fast if you're not experienced. Yeah, I know there are a lot of guys who have them etc, but if you're riding them how a sportbike is supposed to be ridden (not just pinning the throttle and going in a straight line), the power and torque of the 1000's can break the rear loose when leaned over if you're not careful with the throttle. I've seen dudes that get into a corner, and downshift - they end up in a gear where the RPMs are in the meat of the power curve; exit the curve, and blip - ……back steps out, and they're off. Just 'like' that. The 600s ar a bit more forgiving in that regard - although it's still possible to step out.

Anyway; just a few things to consider from my POV.

My next bike will be more of a 'standard' bike / less aggressive riding position. My short list: Ducati Monster 796/1100, Aprilia Shiver or possibly Tuono, Kawi Z1000 (this is probably the most likely), Triumph Speed Triple. Would love a nice used VFR though.
However………..I really eyeing a DRZ400SM to hooligan around on. Not practical at all, but would be fun as hell.
agreed. a lot of 1k riders do not know wtf they are doing grabbing all that throttle. But it only takes a few milliseconds to learn them

I would not own a road racer in this area, KC. There are a few roads south and east, but the police are all over them.

This is V Max country
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