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Originally Posted by pr_capone View Post
What is your definition of an assault rifle?

Did you know that a .45 round is massively larger round than what the AK, AR-15, or Mini 14's fire (.223)?

Or is the point of contention the fact that it is a semi automatic with a magazine? A Glock .45 can hold 13+1 rounds while my "assault rifle" holds 20. Not a huge difference. The .45 is a MUCH larger round than the .223 that my rifle holds as well. The only real spot where my rifle has the advantage is going to be in terms of distance.

If anything... the .45 semi auto is far more "dangerous" to society in general than my rifle is yet rifles like mine are the target of gun control laws such as the now defunct assault rifle ban. Why should I not be allowed to have my rifle?
Okay, so I had a nice long response and it didn't go through since it had been too long. So I will try to get through it again. TDKR starts in an hour and a half Anyways, when I think of assault rifle, I think of distance and rapid fire. However, I am sure I am using that term too loosely which is why I also added high powered weapons. (again probably too broad). I appreciate the information you have provided and I know that I am by no means an expert, but unlike many people, regardless of their views I am willing to learn. I may not agree with everything everyone says but if I learn, then I am better for it. So anything you can to do correct my "knowledge" is fine with me.

So leaving assault rifles specifically, out of it, I think that my main thing is that the sheer fire power people can get just seems unnecessary. Sniper rifles for example can hit targets from 2,000 yards. Outside of a good time at the range that seems silly. Or people getting 60 rounds and shooting them in no time. Or armor piercing ammo for rifles. I guess for me it is not so much about power as it is distance, accuracy, and rapid fire. For example, a shotgun is uber powerful, but more typically at a short distance so having that in your house I can see how that would be very beneficial and making you feel secure. I know a lot of this probably seems like rambling so I apologize for that. I had a well thought out post, but lost it, so now with TDKR starting soon (advance tickets) I have to rush through it. I am more than willing to engage in a legitimate discussion and hear opposing views. Its when people begin making personal attacks or let their preconceptions about the other person that derails conversation because then people are much less likely to actually listen to what others are saying, and they also tend to get even more entrenched into a position that they had no intent of really defending. Like I have said in the thread numerous times, I am more than willing to engage in conversation over this (I don't even like to use the word debate) so hopefully this will fit that more positive and thought provoking description I just hope my quick retype makes enough sense
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